You might observed the downfall of PutLockers in the last years. This used to be one of the most popular free streaming sites, being world-wide known for their massive collection of movies and series that were watched by millions of users every month who loved PutLockers for their high quality content, beautiful design and no advertising. Unfortunately, something happend and after a lot of problems, the popularity of this big site started to decrease a lot over the last time. The real fans, after they were left without their favorite website, started to search for alternatives and watch their favorite movies and series on other free streaming sites like SolarMovie or CipFlix and we don't have a problem with that but now it's time for the things to change because PutLocker is now back!

After the team behind PutLocker finally realized their fans are gone and they started to do something about it and that's why you can see today this website with a lot of improvements and custom modifications. PutLockers implemented cool features that will make your experience to be the best while watching free movies and we are sure the fans will start to love this website again and will come back here after they will find out the latest news. We really need the help of our visitors in order to make PutLocker popular again.

Even if this free website used to have probably the biggest database of movies and series in the whole internet, they had a lot of problems with this collection because some files didn't work because they were deleted, many ads used to jump out when you tried to watch a movie and overall the experience wasn't so great but as far as we can see now the site is almost perfect, after the last updates. The actual database, even if it's not as big as the old one, at least it is fully functional and working perfectly without any interruptions. Also, PutLocker added English subtitles for all their content dubbed in a foreign language so anyone can enjoy the movies and series without the fear of not understanding the language. In conclusion, we will let you to discover the new version of PutLocker and we hope you will enjoy it! In the same time, we recommend you to install and use any adblocker because it will make your browsing experience more smooth without advertising. Please don't forget to bookmark our website and spread the word about it on your social media accounts.